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Fresh off the launch of there agency launch at London’s “Fabric”, Toi Toi Musik have supplied consistent, and unique house/ techno to London’s underground community.

De La’funk caught up with the talented couple behind the agency, Claus Voigtmann & Isis Salvateera; ahead of there party at Fabric (London) —

*Congrats & Blessings on the Engagement!!*


We thought we’d start ahead of the musical aspects…

How did you both meet?!

Isis: Claus came to do an internship as an architect in London, we met and became friends on the first day. It wasn’t until he finished and left back to Germany that we actually realised we were missing each other more than friends would…

How would you describe what Toi Toi is & stands for?

Toi.Toi. stands for a community that share cultural & common interests in a sophisticated way but very human and humble.

"Art, Culture, Music, People.”

We believe that music and the way we exchange it makes us better people, we learn, we grow together, all that in parallel to this deceiving and brainwashing mainstream culture that is put upon us..

We exchange with each other not only at the party but beyond that. With that we create a parallel society, it is about consciousness and not what is being ruled to the masses.

We’ve noticed you have an interesting/signature esthetic to your parties. - What fits that atmosphere well in London?

Toi Toi has been designed to fit warehouse parties. It is important for us that our people feel free to express themselves and absorb the music and interaction with others in a relaxed way without the pressure you normally get at clubs; however, it does not mean ‘freedom’ is turned into ‘chaos’.

We just mentioned consciousness, therefore, we guarantee a safe environment with very careful programming to progress the night where your mind and body are prepared and carried into the musical journey /storytelling of the night. 

Respect, openness…… it goes from the individual to the artist and from the artist back to an unified dance floor, it is the music that brings them together.

London’s underground has birthed some of House & Techno’s most vibrant communities - What do your parties bring to the scene?


The sense of community and cultural exchange which goes beyond ‘having a night out’. Our community is made up by people that want to go deeper. We have the most varied people, from scientists to economists to all sorts of artists and so on. If it is keeping the event small that guarantees that cultural exchange via intimacy then small it continues to be. With that said we close our events and do ‘guest list only’ most of the time. The concept is quality over quantity.

Everyone is welcome, all they need to do is send their name via email for approval. You would be surprised that for many people that is a huge effort, those are the ones not going deeper or wanting to. Those are the ones going ‘it is stupid you don’t want to grow’. Once the name is sent you then get added to our members’ list and receive party information, news, documentaries, etc once a month. This database grows very organically. We like it slow, just like vinyl travels, when you do things with more time you guarantee information is being processed and exchanged properly, knowledge is king. 

London is a melting pot of different cultures, there is no better place for this exchange to happen, it is essential for us to understand who we are, where we come from, who are these people that made this music? What are/were their social, economical, political environments which influenced them to make music this way?

Red Dot Relief’ was an amazing effort and we as Toi Toi did the official fundraising event as Isis, together with highly acclaimed artists, was also managing the overall project worldwide. It is exactly that what she mentions above, music can generate change and just seeing RDR coming together proves that it is totally possible.


What do you feel is “essential” in a proper underground party?

Claus: “rough elegance”.

Any hobbies? (favorite sport, book, food, movie, etc)

Claus: Sushi, writing music

Isis: Books.

Toi Toi has hosted amazing musicians an artists from around the globe - Claus, How has meeting and playing alongside these guys help shape you as a Dj?

It’s always an extreme pleasure to play alongside such respectful and amazing artists. Each one of them surprises me in a different way, that being said, it pushes me to continually grow at each step

What news, music, and artists are you looking forward to seeing more in 2013?

There is a whole list of artists I am looking forward to in 2013, too long to mention them all. It may sound slightly crazy but for me it’s a highlight when our residents (every three months) Jan Krueger, Daze Maxim and Nicolas Lutz come back - As we believe they are some of the finest out there.

How and where was this mix recorded?

It was recorded on a wednesday evening on my turntables in my living room. They are sat on an old red leather bar from the 70’s. A bag of wax and a few digi tracks, as there are a few unreleased ones in there. -

There is not a specific Idea behind the mix, just good music - if so then i think to combine old stuff with newer tracks.

What can we expect to see from Toi Toi?

We are constantly working on improving our setups and our locations and will have a few VERY big surprises for our followers this summer, as our research for artists went a lot deeper this year. Keep your eyes peeled. ;)

Released & Published by: De La’funk 
Release/catalogue number: FDLF04 
Release date: 03/04/2013


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